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4. Change of name
5. Guardian
6. Appointment of nominee
7. Pledge of Units
9.Transmission documents
1   All certified copies are to be
  a Attested by a gazetted officer; or a practicing Chartered Accountant or Advocate (or)
  b Attested by the manager of a bank where the Unit holder maintains an account, specifying the manager's bank identification number (or)
  c Notarized by a Notary Public. (Note: A power of attorney is always to be notarized by a notary public.)
2   In case the Power of Attorney is supplied by the Unit holder, it may be accepted in case it is substantially in accordance with the format provided.
3   All documents are to be executed on plain paper. Wherever stated so specifically, documents are to be executed on non-judicial stamp paper of the stated denomination. After completion, the required document should be submitted to any of our Investor Service Centers for resolution.
*   General Service requests are provided for the convenience of the investors. However, these service requests will be accepted or rejected as per the scheme features defined by the respective Asset Management Companies.

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