Indian Mutual Fund Industry: Trends January 2016 – a compilation by Karvy Fintech Pvt Ltd *

Trends under number of schemes:

  • One a net basis, 12 new schemes were added between December 2015 and January 2016. Out of these, 11 schemes were under the debt category and one was under the Equity category.

  • Almost all the new schemes got added under the Close-ended category .

Folio Trends (count in ‘000):

  • During January 2016, the overall count of folios increased by over 5.6 lakhs. This is over 1% of the folio base as on December 2015.

  • While the folios count under Equity schemes went up by over 3 lakh, the same for debt and ELSS schemes went up by over one lakh each.

  • FoF schemes and Gold ETF schemes continue to to decline

Average AUM trends (Amount in Rs crs):

  • Average AUM of the Industry went up by approxRs. 4,869 crs during January 2016. This is almost 0.36% higher than the average AUM of December 2015.

  • While the AAUM under Liquid schemes improved by Rs 12,881 crs (4.2%), the average assets under Equity schemes dropped by Rs. 10,289 crs.

  • Most AAUM growth in terms of percentage was witnessed under ETF schemes. The AAUM under non-Gold ETF schemes improved by over 5.40%.

Inflow trends (Amount in Rs crs):

  • Overall inflows have dropped during January 2016, in comparison to December 2015. This drop is to the tune of Rs. 4,496 crs

  • With March approaching, ELSS schemes have gained momentum. Inflows under this category of schemes have improved by almost 25%. Inflows under Debt schemes have also witnessed an improvement.

Netflow trends (Amount in Rs crs):

  • Most of the asset classes have witnessed positive netflows during the month of January 2016. Significant positive netflows are seen under the Debt and Liquid asset class.

  • In spite of the Equity markets moving downwards, it is encouraging to note that Equity asset class continues to witness positive netflows. This also indicates the kind of confidence investors have shown in the said product category.

NFOs during the month:

  • 22 new schemes, 22 Debt and one Equity schemes have got launched during January 2016. An inflow of Rs. 4,196 Crs was witnessed from such schemes.

  • 21 of the 22 new schemes were close ended, predominantly FMP schemes.

*Notes & disclaimers:

  • This industry comparison is based on the data as published by SEBI, AMFI and other relevant websites. KFPL takes no responsibility with regard to data accuracy of the same.

  • This report is only for analytical purposes and should not be compared with any other report. Any business decision etc. based out of this report is purely at discretion of the user.
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